Tuition is based on the school year, not month to month, and can be broken down into installments for your convenience, to reflect weekly payments. For the entire school year tuition is $5600.00.

All tuition payments must be made one month in advance. (e.g. September tuition due Aug. 1, October tuition due Sept. 1, etc.) Total tuition is due regardless of absenteeism, vacations, holidays, etc.

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If for any reason the child is removed or is dis-enrolled from the program on or after the 3rd of the month the parent is responsible for the full tuition balance for that month. (No exceptions will be allowed).

A registration fee of $80.00 along with the first full month’s tuition is due at registration. For detailed information regarding tuition cost, please contact us at (248) 543-5534.

For your convenience, your tuition payment plan may be broken down as follows:

  1. Weekly with no grace period ($148.00) due each Monday
  2. Bi-weekly with a two day grace period due the 1st and 15th of each month ($285.00)
  3. Monthly with a three day grace period Payments due the 1st of every month ($560.00)

Please notify the school at the time of registration of which payment plan you choose that best fit your needs.

PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE A $50, (per child enrolled in this program if siblings attend), LATE FEE CHARGE FOR ANY PAST DUE PAYMENTS. There will be two drop boxes available, one for payments during school hours, and the other for weekend payments, both of which are at the 24061 Coolidge Hwy location.

For those who choose to pay bi-weekly, your payments will be on every 1st and 15th of the month, with a two day grace. For each late payment that particular month, you will incur a late fee. If you choose monthly installments, your payment will be on the 1st of every month, with a three-day grace and late fees will be incurred after the 3rd day. Please be advise that late fees will continue to incur until all past due balances are paid. Final payments will be due May 1st .

Please notify AWD’s administrator at the time of registration of which payment plan you choose that best fits your needs. A fee of $37.00 will be charged for all checks returned unpaid, e.g. NSF.


There is a $80.00 per child, non-refundable registration/processing fee due when the registration application is submitted.

Book Fee: Preschool- $30.00 fee

This fee covers two workbooks that will remain at the school until the end of the school year. Returned/Unpaid Check (NSF): $37.00 will be charged for all NSF checks.

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