Why AWD?

Educational Philosophy

In conjunction with the family, the Alliance for Wholistic Development Academy program commits itself to providing enriching experiences for each child in an atmosphere conducive to the child’s maximum development of his or her potential. We strive to meet each child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical, communicative and creative needs by providing a balanced variety of experiences.

The program follows the fundamental premise that children are active learners who learn best from activities they plan and carry out themselves, a predictable daily routine and are evaluated through a variety of methods.

Program Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a safe and inviting learning environment
  • To communicate openly with parents and children
  • To recruit, hire and train qualified professionals
  • To provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children

Alliance for Wholistic Development Educators

One of the most important elements in providing quality care is well trained and experienced staff. All staff members must complete criminal clearances and fingerprinting as mandated in licensing by the Department of Human Services. Staff consists of AFWDA employees who are hired for their aptitude with young children, commitment to quality of care and their belief in early childhood education.

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