Our facility is equipped to accommodate approximately 208 pre-school/toddler children.

Our facility is located in a very centralized location in Oak Park MI., at 24061 Coolidge this center will be located on the second floor of Mountaintop Intl Word Ministry and is approximately 9000 square feet encompassing nine classrooms with an administrative office. There are two separate lavatories with five stales in each for boys and girls. One room has a small toilet for toddlers integrated within the room with two sinks. Our kitchen and banquet facility is located on the first floor. The kitchen is commercial grade designed to accommodate preparation for large volumes of food. The banquet room is approximately 4000 square feet for breakfast and lunch and is large enough for indoor physical activities. Our facility is also wireless enabled throughout the entire facility which will accommodate our technical program for the pre-school students.

Michigan Department of Human Services Division of Child Care Licensing states that the ratio for older toddlers, 30 to 35 months, is 1 caregiver for 8 children. For children 3 years of age, there shall be 1 caregiver for 10. For children 4 years of age, there shall be 1 caregiver for 12 children. If there are children of mixed ages in the same room or in a well-defined space, then the ratio shall be determined by the age of the youngest child, unless each group of children is clearly separated and the appropriate child/staff ratios for each age group are maintained.

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